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ViaSat Exede vs OpenDNS

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Welcome to testmy.net Mr.Davis

This is not the first time we have heard of what is called dns hijacking from the ISP, it seems to be an ongoing issue , where the ISP has for some reason or another decided you must use there dns , and will not allow changes.

In the community this is not a deed taken lightly, nor is it deemed even legal in many circles.

Can you explain just where your setting the new dns ie: router or local machine

There are many complaints about wildblue , then again , many as well about many ISP's

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If you set the OpenDNS IP's on your local machine there is no way they can change them, so just set it there.

True , at the same time the modem will over ride anything before it by setting the dns the local machine is forwarded to , to the modem / router IP which the ISP has control over. So if windows is set to auto detect and the dns ( unless manually set ) to standards, the modem / router would be considered a secondary dns forwarder. No ?
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