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Hi - Just signed up for a forum account to help me launch into some speed problems. I started using TMN last month while setting up the network for my father-in-law's vacation villa in St John (idyllic island in the USVI - yes, rough life I lead). I've always used SpeedTest in the past, or the flash test on dslreports, but I've always suspected that they weren't giving me the truth, so I'm happy to find TMN.

When I got home from vacation it seemed like my setup was acting badly, and sure enough good old SpeedTest says 25Mbps/4Mbps while TMN reports 6.1M/3.3M, and I'm on Comcast cable that I think is supposed to be something like 25/5, so clearly something's wrong.



I'll read the forum posting rules and figure out where to post my details, and search around to see if there's already some wisdom out there for me. happy to be here...

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Hi mrhuge, welcome!

I see that your results to Seattle are better. Where are you? Try also selecting 'central' ... The default now routes through a CDN and you may get better or worse results with that method.

Thanks for the reply, CA3LE!

I actually live in Seattle, so it's not surprising that my results are better w/Seattle server, but it is surprising (to me anyway) that they're THAT much better. I tried to post a longer description in the General Discussion forum, but it got rejected for having "more images than allowed" and I didn't notice, so now I have to edit it and post again. I'm guessing there's a tighter limit on Newbies in Gen Discussion than this forum, since I got away with 2 .png files here and was only trying to post one there - obviously I haven't read all the rules throughly. Anyway, I'll still post it there unless you tell me to keep the discussion here.

The very short version: what I discovered after my first post is that I get wildly different download speeds depending on server location:

Seattle: 24Mbps

Boston: 4-6Mbls

Amsterdam: 1Mbps

It surprised me that the range was so extreme, but I'll need to do more research to know whether that's to be expected or the sign of a problem.


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