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Safari 6.0.5 user agent string


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One of you out there using safari , grab your user agent string for me ?


 Some time ago I decided it was a great idea to change it (not with the developer menu) , through terminal. i.e.:

defaults write com.apple.Safari CustomUserAgent "\"Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/419 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/419.3\""


Worked great for some time, whenever i wanted to use something null on a site for several reasons, and I could still switch anytime I needed to from the dev menu. 


Anymore , UA strings have become so important, with the wrong string , the application can't figure out what to serve.


At any rate, I grabbed something a while ago which appears close , but no cigar really. More and more sites are hanging on load ect.



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Strange as shit -- now safari is reporting as 6.0.5 -- ok , I see that jazz is not something I have had to cover until now. 


Damn , page loads have doubled here. I imagine i wont be using ^r each time i want to see a video on youtube anymore, and a few of the bike forums I goto are loading screaming fast as they should. 


This shit really did not make much difference aside analytics years ago ( then again I'm likely just not familiar to say one way or another ) but now , BIG time with all the mobile devices and setting people use to control who see's what and when per UA string. 


Thanks, again pgoodwin :thumbsup:

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Each profile will be different , so use terminal with sudo ( if you have root access applied ) and use nano for the editor. Knowing most of the data will be illegible, it's a binary file, but the UA string and your recent history / cookie open will be seen. 

Before you sent me the link to that website, I searched the iMac for "com.Apple.Safari". And for "UserAgent" and it didn't tell me where they were. I know they're in a library somewhere.

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YES, it is !!! I notice the same thing.  I don't mind it , hell , thats the way it was always supposed to work, now were getting closer to what we want , instead of what is been pushed into our faces for lack of any actual local data to explain to the ad server. 


Scary, nah , it's made to work together like this. Besides, with google integration into the browser gone as far as it has, and every search made stored on google, the server that renders the ad unit looks at the history and poof , there you go :)

Speaking of who sees what. Tailored ads base on what products I've recently searched for in Google is getting obscenely quick. I researched an audio mixer the other day, and every day since, 1/2 the sites I go to have an ad on it with the same model.

You can do a few things to stop this but why. Like log out of google ( you might not even know your logged in all the time once you log in without resetting the browser ) top that with chrome even safari now , it's connected to your google profile , youtube FB and one of ten other high volume sites that you use to log in automatically, so each visit to that site, pow , your in there. 


I notice this willany stackexchange site , same thing. 

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True , but honestly, if it were not for ads, several of my sites would not exist. No other way top pay for the server ect unless I sell something , a service or such. 


Like testmy.net , afaik this is still totally free due to ad revenue ( although I have no authority to speak of such things ) - I've never paid for a test here, and the upkeep and bandwidth here is not at all in the slightest inexpensive i know. 


So ads are a good thing. 

And it only took literally 10s of minutes for those ads to start appearing. Oh well. At least if it's being tailored to what I looked at it's not some BS I don't care about. So if I have to be bombarded with ads, at least they're something I'm interested in.

At any rate, much appreciated bud, this has been a thorn in my side for a while now , and has gotten much more problematic. 


Even with the developer menu allowing me to change UA's, something was amuck at the core. 


So thank you big time !

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That ad stuff doesn't really bother me if they are fixed ads in dedicated space that isn't interfering with or taking away excessive space on a page. The annoying pop-ups that come back even after you hit the close box and hover over what you're looking at drive me nuts. And if you disable pop-ups, too many things break that you need pop-ups for.

And you're welcome

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Yeah. It's amazing how easy I got used to life on the Internet without Flash - I use an iPad for almost all my web browsing. If a site tells me I need Flash, I just move on, life's to short to worry about it. And there are plenty of good sites that don't require it; more all the time. There's so many places to find what you need, like you said, you just pass that one up. I've gotten to where if I really need to be on a site with Flash, I use my Mac remotely from the iPad with Splashtop Streamer. But it's not very often I even bother.

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Apple seems to be, as predicted when they did not include flash in iOS, and give warnings as well as shut off flash by default on the lastest safari update -- pushing the community away from flash. Someone had to do it.


Are you using the youtube html5 trial ? This is youtube without flash :thumbsup:  works flawlessly on all browsers I have used, in fact , much faster.

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