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not worth the TV time....


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Yesterday I have accidently, while trying to take a nap at ASU, turned my head towards the TV and noticed that they're having a live coverege of him (MICHAEL JACKSON) getting to the court....supposedly he was late, so they gave him one more hour to come to the court - but you know....they have been so nice to give us a minute to minute update on whats going on with him and where he is...you know, that has to be the stupidest hour and a half wasted on television....of all times :) if any of you would like to share a moment like this, please do :) lets have a collection of "the greatest moments on tv" heheheh LOL

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Guest helloimtim

I think it was the low speed chase of oj simpson. In fact the whole drama of that trial. They had to chase him to his mommy's?? I may be nuts but it sure seemed like at that time they spoke to every african american person they could find to get there thoughts on this. Funny they never did that with jeffery dalmer.

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I saw  that Wacko Jacko stunt too. Pathetic.

The all time waste of time prime time TV for me was , and I admit I actually watched, was Geraldo Rivera digging up Al Capones vault. What a friggin ass! Of course all they ever found was a damn rusty can. He kept dragging the entire program on leading you to think you'd find money or friggin Jimmy Hoffa or some shit.

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