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Why no TIP summary graph for Upload Test ?


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Sorry, my dog has been very sick so I didn't have a chance to reply yet.  

He's diabetic, we almost lost him but he seems much better the past couple of days.  I apologize to anyone else who emailed me or posted and didn't get a response.  I'll try to get back to everyone when I truly return.

Currently TiP (Test in Progress) measurements are only on download speed tests over 1.5 MB.  I'm developing the same concept for the upload speed test but at this time it doesn't have that capability.  Keep visiting, that and much more will be released before you know it.  ... it would be great to see that much detail in the upload test too.  But it's not easy to pull off.  I have some ideas of how to do it, we'll just have to see if I can get it to come together.
Also note TiP is disabled on the multithread speed test.  In the future I may make those work together.
One thing you can do is use a network monitor of some kind during the test.  Personally on Mac OSX I just use Activity Monitor most of the time (which comes with OSX).  It's not very detailed but it can still provide a good idea of the curve.
Here's the Activity Monitor / Network during that test
... green spike is the initial loading of form data, the red is the data being uploaded back.  I actually spike at ~1.3 MB/s but it takes time to build that speed so my overall score is reduced.   ...information that will be nice to see right in your browser.  But right now, only on the download test.


I see that you're using Windows you could try Bit Meter 2 (simple, free...).  Want more, search Google for something like "network speed monitor" -- to get deeper detail on what's actually happening across your network adapter, find a program you like and use it in conjunction with TestMy.net.

hope this helps,

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