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ebay detects my ip comming from china - and back!


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Just changed my information on ebay, ebay of course sends a message explaining this was done.


Below is the email from ebay to the 'old' email account.



Doing a traceroute to that IP , this is what comes up.....



I would really enjoy an understanding of this. Outside of my initial thought , that in some way my firewall has been compromised.


And if the ISP is randomising IP's for some reason , i can appreciate that for sure , at the same time , not the whole china thing. And certainly not the sprintlink thing.

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Ya & the weird part is, that ip isn't even registered to a website or anything.. just a main china backbone.  thinking about it i think their may have just been a glitch in Ebay's IP  region detection. Still, wouldn't take too much concern to it unless this arises again. 

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i've seen the same. TMN once told me i was posting from a directnet ip, which is sat. I;ve never even tried satalite internet before ;p

Yea I noticed that, then thought, hell it does not take much to spoof.


Interesting enough though , even here at tmn I have seen posts that I have made, with IP's not associated with anything i am doing at the time of posting. 

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