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Broadband download speed !


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  Will using a wirless router, in our home, slow down connection speed on our desktop !!  We are using Dishnet broadband at this time !! Thanks, Randy


Hi Randy, welcome to TestMy.net.


It shouldn't slow you down but that depends on a few things.  How far away is the computer from the router?  What kind of router and adapter?


Personally, I always try to have my main desktop hooked up with ethernet directly to the router.  I use wifi for everything else. If I connect my office computer to my wifi I still get a nice smooth connection.  But I get better performance within my home network using ethernet.  No doubt because my router is on the opposite side of the house, my office is in the corner of the house so it wasn't ideal for the wifi.  I go to extremes to get the best possible connection...  Even if it was in the same room it would be even more reason to wire it up directly.  Wireless is catching up but then I'd expect 10G to become standard in the future so ethernet will always be better.  Direct connection is always best.


Best way to tell if you're losing quality... get scientific.  Run a control test using TestMy.net, directly connected to the modem.  Then do the same exact test connected to ethernet... then do the same test again on wifi.    Maybe run three of each and average.  You can separate the results with identifiers, found in a drop down menu on the homepage and test pages.




Then you can filter your results using the drop down menu below the graph..




Experimentation will lead you to the fastest setup... I recently moved and rebuilt my entire home network.  TMN made my performance instantly apparent and caused me to re-configure my network more optimally.  I was able to discover interference, simple channel change on the router dramatically improved wireless. I was also able to see degradation due to a bad cat-5 connector and wall plate that was improperly installed.  Testing and retesting ... tweaking this and that until I could get the numbers as close as I could to the numbers I read directly off the modem.  End result, my network is faster and smoother than it would have been if I just blindly installed everything.   ... experiment.  That's what this site is all about.

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