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Need Help finding Speed Problem

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Hi, I currently am having a issue with my network. I pay for 50MBPS down and about a 10 up. I had just recently upgraded to that from a 25 down and 5 up. Testmy.net confirms that the upgrade to my upload speed has been made and works wonderfully. Sadly though not only has my download speed not gone up above the 25MB cap that it was previously set at but has gone down. Currently using the testmy speed check I am getting constant 13-19 down. I have had my internet service provider come out and he hooked me up with a new dual band modem/router in the hopes it would fix the problem. And again I am getting the same results. Now he like most other providers use Ookla speed test to check speeds for connection. On there results I was pushing 60+ Down and about the same 10up. Now obviously I know that's wrong when I only pay for 50 down and max. Sadly though I can not seem to figure out where the problem is coming from and he did't really have much knowledge of it either. He said he would call his wire guys when he got back to the office next week but I was hoping to have a answer for them when they called me. So if anyone has any trouble shooting idea's or any input on it at all don't be shy would appreciate any help.

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I would start first with a traceroute to testmy.net

  • Windows Start > Run > type CMD [enter] > from the command prompt type tracert google.com and/or tracert testmy.net
  • Linux / Mac  Under Applications/Utilities open 'Terminal' > type traceroute google.com and/or traceroute testmy.net

Look for high latency anywhere in the route, a non responsive hop, redirect or just timing out.


If you're not familiar with reading this, you can post this excluding your external IP

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Hey JoshfromKS,


I see your results at https://testmy.net/compID/6245265704240 (that you took before your registered) ... I don't see any multithread results, run a multithread speed test.  If you score much higher it can indicate a few different issues.  Try that, on the results page click the 'share' tab... paste us the results.

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