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Xfinity Premier XF Triple play Bundle debackle

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Go get this, I have had this Premier XF triple play bundle since 4-2013 ( it is the second to highest bundle and dang expensive) Well we all have heard Xfinity implemented this X1 Platform what most do not realize is that the pricing is the same for the X1 Platform and the Tier XF bundle you have without the X1 features and get this the internet speed for the X1 Platform internet is 105Mbps  compared to the  50 Mbps of the Pre X1 Platform.


So to make a short story long I have been paying the same $$ as those with the X1 Platform, but have not had the all room DVR ability to record 4 channels and watch 1 at same time, watch Dvr in any room or on mobile devices nro have I had the 105 Mbps internet speed.

What kills me is Xfinity made no attempts to let me know I was eligible for all this good stuff at no extra cost to me for at least 8 months now, but were quite happy to accept my payments as if I had these features and been using them.

Then to make matters worse When I figure this out and request the X1 devices and features and ask about the 105 Mbps internet speed the associate at the local store Lies to me and says no the speed is 50 Mbps not 105 even though I said I swear I seen it online my tier was 105 Mbps.

I finally find the info I seen contact Xfinity chat and get told yes I am supposed to be getting the 105 Mbps speed

I am quite upset at getting lied to on top of not being informed of these features I have been paying for and not receiving.

Even the name and info of my plan on my bill an online is exactly the same prior to getting the X1 platform and prior to getting the new hardware and speed.

I am just shocked to find I paid for services and features and no one told me I needed to get new hardware to access it.


I had a appointment for today between 11 and 1 to have a tech install a filter of some sorts to optimize my X1 platform and speed but found the tech cancelled and rescheduled it for tonight between 6- 730 pm only to find out again later that they canceled and rescheduled it for get this wed the 15th

So I wont have the 105 Mbps speed increase until then and I ensure you I will be testing the hell out of it to make sure I am getting all the speed I am paying for.

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I can't believe they did that.

I didn't get any bundle package, just Internet which the company I work for offers to pay anyway, so I had to keep it fairly reasonable. It surprises me that the technician is allowed to cancel your appointment and reschedule it. Seems extremely unfair and unethical.



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ya I thought it was really strange too.

not to mention the local Comcast associate at the store LIED to me and said I was not supposed to be getting the 105Mbps as stated online yet when I was chatting with the online chat person they informed me I am to get the 105Mbps but the upgraded info has not been entered into the main system yet and I guess whatever filter the Tech is supposed to install in the cable line is needed before I can get the 105Mbps speed.

To me that makes no sense speed should be dependent on the gateways software specified speed caps not on a filter.

Anyway so hopefully on wed I will have all the features working that I am supposed to be getting with the X1 Platform.

I will be sure to update this thread if he cancels again etc.

I did get a $20 discount since the tech did not keep his appointment but heck that is peanuts compared to waiting an extra 5 days and what I have been paying them monthly for the last 16 months

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Oh and to take the cake on Either my Stupidity, Comcast's or Comcast Huge Don't tell and we can charge you all for services not rendered campaign, not only was I paying the X1 prices for non X1 services and internet speeds, I go and get the proper Equipment I am due on 10-10-14, ask about the speed increase ( was lied to about it) Already mentioned, waited through 2 cancelations for the tech to install the MOCA filter ( was told somehow that was needed before I would see speed increase ( Guess what another LIE) Find out that I need what they call a Wireless gateway 2 ( I currently have the Wireless Gateway1) Was told the local Service center has them I can go exchange it today ( WRONG) Told by them it is a Tech install only item.

I being quite upset my now wasting my time and making me wait are 2 things that Tork me crazy bad, Tell them quite frankly No I do not need a tech to install 1 Coax, 1 Phone wire , 1 Ethernet and setup my wireless network all I need is the Device and a way to get someone to send a new signal/Software pack to my modem, But since the only people allowed to have these modems in their possession is the techs I have to wait till tomorrow for one to drop it off, That is of course unless that gets canceled and put off for an extra 4 days like last tech appointment.

I frankly expect a discount Prorated on my account for services not available, seeing how they are sure to charge you a prorate for any upgrade you get from the second you request it.

My current gateway is not even 105Mbps nor MOCA compatible and They sure as he%% should of known that when updating my account a red flag should of popped out and said , hey this customer needs a new gateway as the current one will not work on the new tier, would it be that hard to have something like that in the account software they use?

I think not.

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Ok got the DPC 3939, Was told they do not support IPV6, My Ass, The Arris TG 862 had both IPV6 and IPV4 and both were listed in my computers network details.

Do these companies really keep there techs in the dark this much or do they teach them that if they learn as minimal as possible and someone asks a question or a customer is smarter then they are they are to LIE and deny that whatever service/feature.etc. exists or is available.

Basically the tech told me that What I say was wrong, IPV6 is between the Modem and their servers not used between modem/router and customer devices , if so I would of had No internet or connectivity on my IPV6 side of my network info as my computer can care less what is going on between the Modem/Router and whatever it connects to.

I get so Tired of being treated like I am freaking a retard or Technically challenged.

Maybe what happened is I have been in a alternate reality where shit works like it is supposed to and today I came back to the reality where everything is messed up?

Anyone else ever feel like throttling a tech till they are no longer able to attempt to BS there way through a appointment?

Oh get this I was also informed that the Info I seen and snipped about my plan including the 105Mbps speed is incorrect so the tech added the 105 Tier as a addon which will cost me more, I even showed him my snippet and then he said Oh Um that must be corperate rates not local, which I almost Punched him in the testicles as I had just told him those specs and prices on the screen were only displayed after entering my Zip code.

OMG if I had not shaved my head a week ago I would of pulled every last hair out of it.

I need to go pull some weeds or sing some metal songs to get this crazy aggression out of my system before I go Booom.

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wow, here I think my old TG862 had the feature greyed out until 6 months ago then as shown in pic it was working great, I do know as I did a test that used both a few times.

The DPC 3939 is supposed to support IPV6 and I see it is greyed out like the other modem was so I am thinking since the DPC3939 is new to area that they will have to fix that feature in a software update in the future.

I actually found one of the DPC 3939 Modems for sale, Legit sale, for under $80, It is tempting as in 8 months it would pay for itself, and I could possibly aquire it for under $50 if bidding works my way.

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Ok something is funky here, I finally get the Cisco DPC 3939 Modem and it is installed but I am told by the installer that even though I see (Plain as day) that my XF Premier Bundle states internet speeds of 105 I am going to be charged for the speed increase???? WHAT??

Then I find out that even though I can see with the 5 Ghz connection I am getting 300 Mbps connection on my computer that Somehow I cannot get the 105 Mbps connection speeds using my 300 Mbps wireless N conection

The way I see if I get 100 Mbps that still leaves 200 Mbps headroom on my connection yet I have found with testing I am lucky to get 65 Mbps download speed via wireless, Maybe what the tech should of said was that Comcast's Wireless is not able to produce the 105 Mbps via Wireless rather then say my system will not be able to use that as I can clearly see where my wireless card is connected at 300Mbps

This has became quite a pain in my butt compared to what I was expecting it to be.

I cannot see where (as I was told by the tech) I needed to have a 1Gbps connection in order to get the 105 Mbps speeds

It cannot possibly be that one needs a connection rated 9.5 X faster then the speed expecting to get? if that was the case then people using a 100Mbps Nic card could only possibly hope for 10.5 Mbps connection and those using a 54Mbps Wireless could only hope for 5.6Mbps I should connect at 54Mbps and see what the fastest I can get using Testmy.net to see if my Idea holds water here.

I think personally the actual Cisco router is a good router it is the Software Comcast uses that is inferior, Not to mention it has the ability to run IPV6 but it is not enabled (enableable)  (Greyed out at the moment)

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Well with Wifi you'll never get over half the speed advertised. (So with 300Mbps you will never see over 150Mbps) And you have to divide the total bandwidth by the number of devices plus one.

If the router you are tethered to for Wireless is using 100Mbps connection to the modem, you'll only see at most 100Mbps.

So, if you have 3 devices connected wirelessly, you'll only see a max of 75Mbps on any of the devices.



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SO a 300/300 Wifi could at most get 150/150?

well supposedly the router is connected directly to the modem ie all in one unit so I would ,

Hang on I actually have the exact specs from Cisco I will look at my pdf and get back to you with better info

Yes. This is due to CSMA/CA, which sends a request to make a request.

Example flow:

Client A --> Check for line activity ==> If no Activity send CSMA/CA Request OTA --> Router --> Check for line activity ==> If no Activity send CSMA/CA Confirm OTA --> Client A --> Check for line activity ==> If no Activity send Data Packets OTA --> Router --> Route to Destination --> Destination --> Respond and Route to Router --> Router --> Check for line activity ==> If no Activity send CSMA/CA Request OTA --> Client A --> Check for line activity ==> If no Activity send CSMA/CA Confirm OTA --> Router --> Check for line activity ==> If no Activity send Data Packets OTA --> Client A

The section in bold may or may not apply, based on the protocol used.

Whereas Ethernet uses the following flow:

Client A --> Check for line activity --> If no Activity Send Data Packets --> Router --> Route to Destination --> Destination --> Respond and Route to Router --> Router --> Check for line activity --> If no Activity Send Data Packets --> Client A

Notice that the Ethernet connection (which uses CSMA/CD) so if there is not traffic on the medium (which there will not be if you are using Client --> Router) it will send the data. This means there is no packet sent to request permission to send, unlike OTA transmissions.

Why? Well OTA transmissions will collide much more often than Ethernet transmissions. OTA also has the problem of range. If two clients are on the same router, they may not be able to see each other. This means that Client A may be transmitting at the same time as Client B, and they would collide at the router. So the clients first check if there is anything on the medium. If not, then they send an RTS. If the router responds with a CTS all other clients understand that they do NOT have permission to send data. They wait for the medium to be clear, and then send their own RTS.


Client A           End Client B Range (  Router  ) End Client A Range           Client B
Client A cannot see Client B, and Client B cannot see Client A. The router can see both clients, so it will handle the RTS/CTS.



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