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cable connection speed up upload speed

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here and I would need your help with an issue regarding my internet connection...I'm not so good with computers. I live in Thailand and my internet speed is 10Mb/s download speed and 0,5Mb/s upload speed. My boyfriend would like to start online teaching and therefore an upload speed of 4-5 Mb/s is required. The internet provider and speed test says that we are getting what we paying for :thumbsup: but as we only need to increase the upload speed are there possibilities to do that without getting the faster package (which is incredibly expensive)? for example plugging in an ethernet cable into modem and computer? 

I hope anyone can help me, we've been dealing with this topic for quite a while... :tard:

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I get 4-5 Mbps upload speeds and 50-54 down on a 50 down and 5 up plan with Time Warner. On my prior 10 down and 1 up plan I rarely got above 0.5-0.7 up and down speeds were 5-8 Mbps typically.

In simplistic terms:

If you're connected wirelessly from your computer to your cable modem router, you will get essentially the same up and down speeds that you would with an Ethernet connection if your computer is close to your cable modem router, and there aren't walls between the computer and the modem.. This assumes your computer is fairly new and doesn't have the older slower wireless. The farther away you go from the modem, and the more walls and cabinets or furniture there is, the slower it will be.

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Outside of time traveling back 15+ years ago when ucapping modems was a viable option (highly illegal then and now) , I'm not seeing any way for this to happen, other than upgrading the connection through the ISP. 


A solution might be to record the video, then upload to youtube or your preferred media stream choice. 


At this point, getting started with google adsense to monetize the video content, once the video's begin generating revenue from views, you'll then have capitol to pay that extra cost involved with more upload bandwidth. 

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