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Are you getting what you pay for?

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So I am in a year long struggle with AT&T. I live 11 miles form the city, the city being Owensboro, KY. The best possible choice for me is 18 down and 1.5 up, or thats what they say. So a year ago I turned on and never got above 15. After three months, technician came out and ran all new wire to the house. Still 15 was the best. and when I refer to "Best" it may have been 15 for an hour or so then down to 5, 8 or 1. It is the most inconsistent service I have ever seen.  Then I paid to have my whole house re-wired. Still no change in speed. This lat go around, AT&T said that I should be happy with 10 to 15 if I pay for 18. This is not acceptable to me. So they sent another technician out and checked everything. AT&T shows no issues at all and when they run their test from halfway across the world, it shows "18". The technician was dumbfounded as all the test say 18 on "AT&T's side but when he brought his computer and iPad in he experienced the same as me. he had my ports at the substation replaced etc.. So From the house to the substation, everything is brand new. literlally. and they still can't get me anywhere close to 18. This morning the third technician comes in and say's there noise disturbance in the line and if I drop my package down to 12, it would raise the noise level to where it should be. They drop to 12 this morning and every test since then is 1.2 to 2.5 down and the upload is non-existent.


Who else i having issues like this? I would like to know. I am starting to think big picture now. But need folks to speak up. It is 100% the service of AT&T, everything in the house was replaced, all brand new equipment and even port replacing etc.. at the substation. Yet, now I am pretty much at dial dial in speed. In my opinion, AT&T is unable to provide the service they have told me time and time again, as well as billed me for the past year for it.


What are your thoughts?





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I don't know why lowering your plan max speed to 12 would be a good option when you were getting 15 before on the 18 plan. Getting a 15% lower than max speed during peak usage hours is probably not bad, as long as you were close to the 18 during the non-peak usage hours.

I don't have experience with AT&T as an ISP

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Contact AT&T's Office of the President in Texas- # is online. I persevered to where I obtained the direct #s for some of their top brass, including the regional managers for the Midwest, Marisa Harper, and SE, Richard Burns. My issues were resolved. I'll send you a msg with my email for specifics.

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