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Overloaded network?

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Since you were good enough to set an auto test, it's very helpful in showing network data on and off peak as you say.


Which gives the appearance of throttling to protect all users from a deficiency in total bandwidth.


You might do well setting these tests over longer periods of time, or each day I should say, allowing the tests to run for as long as you can configure them. Do this for several days during the weekday, and then again on weekends.


It will show a consistent drop off at specific times if throughput is set to be capped at a specific time during the day.

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I pay for 10/1 and obviously I'm not getting that. With it maxing out in off-peak hours am I right in thinking the is New Wave's network being overloaded during peak hours and there is nothing I can do?



You very well may be right.  Just make sure it's not actually within your own network.  Sometimes people will forget about their roommate or neighbor that they've given wifi access to... someone who's eating up all the bandwidth when they get home.  Same regularity as on-peak off-peak congestion.


If you're certain that there is no other activity within your network during those tests... yes, you're right in thinking that there's nothing you can do.  Besides complain.  It's pretty much out of your hands.  :shrug: 


If it continues too long after you complain... you can help them alleviate their over capacity issues by finding a new provider.     :evil6:

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