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Internet Explorer Issues? Anyone have similar?


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This is weird here, I have had Internet Explorer 11 crash when saying opening a link that is a .pdf Due to me using a different .pdf reader.

But to have it crash when just launching it not opening anything at all is a bit strange, then to put the icing on the cake the laptop my girlfriend uses started the exact same thing at the exact same time ( I know because as soon as mine did that she instantly was in asking me if I know why her Internet explorer kept crashing when attempting to get online.

I tried all the help stuff I could fine. Erasing all Cookies, Temp files, then as far as to go to windows features and turn IE 11 off then restart computer and turn it back on and still the second I attempt to launch it I get the message that it has issues and must be shut down.

I am not so concerned about that as I can use Chrome, though I do have a ton of bookmarks I have saved via IE 11 but for my girlfriend it is major as that is all she sues and she is not one to change over to something new all that easy.

I was just curious if anyone else (that uses IE 11) has noticed this issue as I am thinking it must a IE issues to have 2 separate computers have it happen at the exact same time.

Last I checked with Windows I did not see anything pertaining to this issue.

Ok New Info I just found, It appears to be caused by this

IE11 crashing related to SEP update Symantec Endpoint Protection 12

I just tried the recommended fix, and applied new Live update, I am now going to try re activating it via the windows features and see if it works.

Will let ay know what I find, 

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