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Wireless Ghz and Mouse Ghz Exactly same


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I just noticed my Woreless mouse uses 2.4 Ghz connection also.

That is insane, I have 2.4 Ghz Phone, Heard Microwaves can transmit 2.4 Ghz, my Mouse is 2.4 Ghz and one of the ways I can connect wirelessly is 2.4 Ghz not to mention both my SOny streaming media player and my Sony Blu-Ray DVD is 2.4 Ghz.

Dang seems 2.4 Ghz spectrum is quite crowded maybe this is some cause for slow internet at times.

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This is my microwave oven about 18 feet away, and a couple bursts of neighbor's wlan. I switched the oven off towards the end of the spectrogram. Now -60 dBm would be a very usable signal in the absence of this interference. Lowest usable for around 10 mbit throughput is -80 dBm.


If there are microwaves around, we have not three but only two wi-fi channels on the either side of the microwave peak.

Outside of the unlicensed band, there is nothing. Those channels look very attractive for point to point links between buldings between devices supporting it. The lower frequencies also go through walls well. (Let's hope the FCC isn't reading this.)

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