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JumpStart,then slows to crawl. 99% Variance :-(


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The times you've seen that happen, when it's loading, what does the progress bar do?  Does it jump in progress or do anything out of the ordinary?


Can you test in a different browser for me, like Chrome?  


TiP isn't perfect but keep in mind that if it does display funky results it doesn't affect the overall result.  Those calculations are held separate from the overall result.  Also, when it fails it's pretty obvious.  The TiP system was programmed in one session and I haven't made any adjustments since it was implemented.  I'm still not totally sure why it spikes on some systems... the problem is that I can't get it to do that for me.  If I could, I'd know why it does that.  So far, the best theories surround third party software or browser add-ons.  Resetting the browser and rebooting the system may resolve it.  But after looking into your results I see that you've had this happen a few other times in the past year so it might not be that easy.


The problem may be that something is lagging the processing of javascript on your system.  This causes the TiP calculations to be lagged... then all update the times all at once when the script gets moving again.  All healthy systems I work with don't display this in the slightest.  The only way I can get it to fail in development is to run it on an iOS device at really fast speed... then I get spikes but not as varied as you're seeing, it looks smooth by comparison.


Your speed is definitely not actually doing that.  This may actually be a clue to an underlying issue.  Try in Chrome, repeatedly download test (~10X) and see if you can get it to do that again.  2MB should be a good size.


A couple examples for everyone.






Removing the wild spikes, the remaining data points are what I'd expect to see from your connection.


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