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Internet speed changes drastically from room to room

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So I recently upgraded from 30Mbps down to 250Mbps down from Rogers. I tested my speed off of a wired connection directly into my modem and managed to get 332Mbps down. Then I went upstairs and tested my wireless speed and it went all the way down to 25Mbps. I hooked up my powerline adaptor (uses power lines in house to transmit wired ethernet) and hooked up the wired connection from my adaptor and got 40Mbps... 


Does anyone know how/why this is happening? My speed is an 1/8th of what it should be and I'm just upstairs not too far away from the modem.


Help would be appreciated!





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Some of the issue is the distance. But the floors and walls and what's in them make a difference too. Also, be sure there's a good amount of space around the wireless router. When I'm out in the garage, it's about 30 ft, and it's through one wall and part of a pantry. I get 1/3 to 1/2 my wired speed, and sometimes less than that. You can usually look at your signal strength icon and look at how many bars you have. If it's less than max indicated, your speeds will likely be quite a bit lower than the wired speed - sometimes way less, like your 1/8 or less. But even at long distances, when the signal strength icon is at max the speed will likely be considerably lower than your wired speed.

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I had old wiring . It got replaced and nothing has changed other than that . My modem is the same and in the same spot but my Son complains about his xbox . My ISP says they cannot guarantee wireless speeds , only wired. I get roughly 10-11 mbps wired. He gets maybe 2-3 wireless so not much difference for him only me..  He's so mad. He thought it would be better with the new wiring.

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