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Gigabit Fiber Speed Inconsistent vs. Comcast


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I just switched to my city's Gigabit fiber today from Comcast 50+Blast (125Mbps/12Mbps).


My speed tests are all over the map regardless if I choose a Flash test site or an HTML5 test site.  For example, with speedtest.net, choosing certain servers will yield gigabit speed (800+Mbps) and other servers will be below 100Mbps.  The two HTML5 test sites (testmy.net and speedof.me) also yields atrocious results (below 100Mbps).


With Comcast, no matter which test sites or servers I choose, all of them would yield the same consistent result.


I suspect either my Gigabit fiber provider does not have a good connection to the Internet, but hope someone can explain it better why my speed tests are all over the map, but most are really bad for a gigabit fiber connection (below 100Mbps).


Also what does it means when my downloads are around 300Mbps and uploads are 950Mbps?  I see this type of results too.  There seems like a  bad configuration somewhere in the network when I can achieve gigabit speed uploads, but not downloads?


I just want to understand so that I can file an intelligent complaint with my provider.

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Any site that gives you results significantly higher than your plan 125 down / 12 up is highly suspect. I wouldn't trust the reading to be giving you anything representative of what your system is doing. The sites that are giving you less than 100 Mbps are probably telling you some version of the truth. Since testmy.net is one of them, believe it. It's highly like that during the hours of 10 AM and midnight, your speeds may vary because of traffic outside of testmy.net. If you take a reading at like 2 AM on this site! you'll probably get a reading that is the truth and should be very close to your 125/12 plan. That reading may drop down during daytime hours.

Test with an Ethernet cable connected. Then check if your wireless speeds is approaching the Ethernet performance (assuming you are using wireless).

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Actually my point is with the Comcast plan, I do get consistent results regardless of the test sites/servers and the results are better than my new gigabit plan. Wth my new gigabit plan, I only get gigabit performance when testing with my ISP's hosted speed test server or a small percentage of servers hosted by other ISP (less than 10%).  For the most part, regardless of the test sites (speedtest.net, testmy.net, speedof.me, speakeasy.net) I am getting sub 100Mbps speed when I should be getting gigabit speed.


And then there are some servers that would give me speeds in the 300Mbps for the download, but mid 900Mbps for the upload.  These servers tends to be owned by other ISPs that have a predominant presence in my metropolitan area.


So this tells me the likelihood is that my ISP has poor peering.  I am just hoping someone with a thorough understanding of how the Internet is interconnected can better explain what this poor peering actually means.  Once I have a better understanding of why I am only getting gigabit performance up to the ISP's intranet and not on the Internet, I can file an intelligent complaint and help my ISP improve the Internet connections. 

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The ISP came out today to reseat all connectors because their network monitoring detected extreme attenuation in my fiber line. Now speedtest.net is mor consistent, but testmy.net can drastically vary between tests.

I've been fighting that issue for years now. Speedtest.net shows me at 150/160 - testmy shows me at 35/4. Not really sure the reasoning, but its frustrating.

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