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Ok, well this is obviously above my pay grade so im reaching out to all you networking geniuses. Yes, occasionally even i get stumped & need you brainiacs to set me straight. :haha:

Now when doing a tracert, i know their is going to be routers that block ping, trace, uPnP, echo requests etc.. but I've never seen it block ALL routing to it... until now. 

Can someone please tell me how this is possible? The entire route is blocked. Only info im able to obtain is the hostname; "pool-72-***-****-50.tampfl.fios.verizon.net"

- How is it possible to block the entire route?


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I get the impression that the IP address is the victim of a DDoS attack, where Verizon has decided to null route all incoming traffic sent to it on most or all its routers to minimise traffic on its network from the attack. 

If this is the case, the next hop after your home router would be one of their routers (assuming your ISP is Verizon), hence no reply after your router.  For the Level3 site traceroute, the third hop shown in your screenshot is at Verizon, so the next hop inside their network would also be one of their routers probably configured to null route that IP address.

A few more tests worth trying would be a TCP traceroute and a UDP traceroute.  If both give a similar result, then it's most likely that IP address is null routed rather than just ICMP filtering to block a trace route to it.

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