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I have starting having issues with my Comcast Broadband Internet, showing up heavily in media such as my Roku having to buffer shows...  Internet browsing speed is very sporadic as well.  The thing that strikes me is when I run the Ookla tests it is pegging at 120MB download / 24Mb up, I have Comcast extreme 105, I know ookla doesn't give a good picture, but testmy.net keeps showing the download at anywhere in between 500k or 1.5mb down 800k up.  I need to get Comcast to figure this out, but curious if anyone has seen that much of a difference between the provider test site and testmy.net.   I've run this over multiple days and multiple wired computers.  I have my own Motorola cable modem, and a pfsense firewall. 

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Have you used the testmy.net multithreaded tests? With this tool, you can set specific server locations to further pin point the slow connection. 

Interesting idea ISP's have on their placement of said flash speed tests, as they are a direct link from you, simply to them. Which does not at all show any representation of what speeds the end user has the ability to achieve, in real world applications. 

Who knows what type of configuration filters are set, after the speed testing node at the ISP. Many, for certain. 

You'll see peering issues come out when attempting to stream, or the specific QOS settings they might give to timeframes, or vendors across the network. 

Furthermore , the ISP is specifically looking for issues within it's own network, and completely ignore who they are peered with, which is some of the most vital connections on the net itself. 

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On 2/16/2016 at 11:36 AM, tmersino said:

How should I interpret the blue and red lines on the bottom graph? Thank you!


Look closer.  The top graph is your TiP result, the bottom is showing you the most recent Comcast results.




Looking at the TiP.. a lot of your personal results look like they do have a big burst at the start.



You then quickly level out and maintain speed.  At 5% in the example above you had already downloaded 1MB, the next 1MB takes nearly 3 times longer than the first.  This could be caused by a few things.  I'd need to know more about your equipment (modem, router, computer) and the package your subscribed to.  It would also help to test in a different browser and different computer to establish that it's not a localized issue caused by spyware/malware.  Depending on the circumstances bursted results can be a good thing.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Your feedback helped me better understand the two graphs. Now I know to pay attention to the speed of the top graph. I don't recall seeing that big drop in speed in most of my results but I will pay attention to it for a while. I had Comcast come out on Tuesday (today is Friday) and they made some tweaks on my connections and he told me there was also a problem reported at another house in my neighborhood. So hopefully the graph above become more consistent. If it continues to act sporadic I will reach out to you and send the information (modem, router, computer, subscription, browser and another computer) you suggested.


Thank you again for your help. I appreciate you taking time to reply.

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I made a change after your post.  Too many people have been confused by this.  Your post was the tipping point, telling me I needed to make a change.


If you have over 5 logged results it will defaulted to showing "My Results" instead of your host graph.


I made the change then got side tracked on the next task and forgot to update this topic. :-P  -- Hope this helps alleviate confusion in the future.


Feedback like yours is what builds this site, thank you.


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