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Xfinity speed rollercoaster

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So where should I now post to complain, get ideas as to WTF is up with my speeds lately?

I am all over the place, supposedly xfincrudty (aka (crapcast) upgraded my speed from 105 to 150 

but I cannot get that speed nor do I think 20% and to make matters wors I jump from say 80 to 50 to possibly 120

then back to 50. I seem to do better with the multi thread or mercury tests then linear.

I have tried all I can think of changing you name it in the TCP Optimizer.

I even broke out the old Ethernet cable and strung it to hardwired me into the gateway and still Amazingly fast and consistently non repeatable speed results

I am even up at 3 AM PST to see if my neighbors could be the issue.

Next I was thinking about disconnecting all the other cables from node and see if I alone connected has any bearing on my speeds??

Or is that illegal to disconnect them for a few min to test??

I mean who is up at 3 AM besides me anyway right?

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well the Cisco  CP 3939 I believe, they call it I know 3939 it is the Gateway allows use of Phone and Internet along with the MOCA

I think they actually have a Gateway 3 (oh ya the cisco was called Gateway 2) 

I am not sure what the newer one is or how much better it is just remembered that when you asked about the modem I am using

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humm, well that's DOCSIS 3.0 and 16 channels down 4 channels up.  I'd expect it to handle your 150 Mbps package but I've seen that exact same modem at a friends house... and their connection runs like sh*t despite being down the street from me and having the same provider.  Spotty and will fluctuate from 1/2 their package speed to the full speed just by walking a few steps.  I blame it on being a combo unit but what do I know. :wacko:



So, these are the best linear results you've seen?  Try selecting Colorado or Dallas, pop off a couple of 100 MB download tests and make sure that it's not a routing issue to San Jose first.  When you're comfortable with it's consistency select the server that gave you the most favorable results.  Run another couple of larger tests, then directly connect the modem/router and run a couple more.  If you get much better performance wired, then you know it's the wireless.  Either bad router placement or interference are likely causes in that instance.


If you want to go to great length to bypass that modem you could go to Best Buy or Target (Best Buy in my area didn't have what I needed, found out that Target has a good selection and the price was comparable to Amazon)... somewhere with a quick easy return policy in case there's no change... and pickup a surfboard.  I have a SB6141 and more than max out Comcast 150, more expensive 16 channel modems didn't perform as well in my testing btw.


If you pick up another modem and it performs better then you know that your lines coming in are fine and the Cisco unit is at fault for whatever reason.  Then you'd need a router to pair with the new modem.  If you get the new modem and it performs like the other one... then...




You'll have to call to swap the modems around and it can be a little hassle but for me it's easiest to troubleshoot by eliminating variables and comparing to equipment that's known to perform well.

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Thanks, As far as best linear tests I think it has improved but it is so inconsistent it 's ridiculous.

I have tries the Mercury which most times seems pretty good, multithread which seems to act as spastic as linear

I may do that go get a different modem to see what may be going on.

Oh one thing I did forget (if It could possibly have impact) December we received like 17" rain about 4X our average with a crap load coming down on a couple specific days

my line is underground and they put a black splice thingy in the line about 2 feet from house which makes 3/4 of this splice box underground where water just happens to pool up

I think I may go look at the main connection box which is only about 20 feet from house and make sure nothing in there is funky.

The cable connection box has been left unlockable since 2002 when I moved in here and they seem to careless if it is secure or not funny the green tube cover just gets pushed into ground there is actually nothing they could lock it down with anyway inner metal plate and brackets are no where to be found just the block the cables split off from lol

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