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speedtest.xfinity.com and speakeasy.net speed test results give me much higher dload speeds than the 105 megs I am paying for. At your site the max dload speed I get is 40megs. My question is, is it because the those sites seem to be Flash sites and testmy isnt that the results are so absolutely different ? And what kind of argument can I use to prove Comcast that I'm not getting my money's worth ? Thanks.

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I have the same issue.  We are paying for higher speeds (100M/10M), but have been getting results varying from sub 10-180M Download, and sub 1M to 3.5M Upload. I used a couple of speed test sites and found that speedtest.net consistently gave higher readings. I have had multiple tickets opened with them to resolve the issue, but they have used the argument they only acknowledge the speedtest.net site, and in doing checks to the modem in our house, say they see nothing wrong.


My personal opinion is that most times you are discussing with a tier level 1 person whose only role for the company is to follow a script to troubleshoot issues. I did speak to a person who identified themselves as a supervisor, but they too did not acknowledge my speed test results.  I was even willing to send screenshots, but they said no.  So, as long as their remote test indicates nothing wrong, they feel the trouble is a user system issue. 


However, having written all the above, I would be interested to read if anybody has had any luck otherwise.

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Take a look at this discussion here  Home Networking


The difference between speed test and another is pretty profound. It works like this (not very technical and skips over a tonne of technical aspects, but it demonstrates the issue at hand).

If you imagine 2 users, call them Bob and Mike.

There is 100Mbps split between the two of them at the local exchange, node or street box.

Bob downloads a file (1 threaded), he gets 100Mbps.
Now Mike runs a speedtest, single threaded. Bobs download slows to 50Mbps, Mikes speedtest gets 50Mbps (sharing available backhaul).

Say Mike runs a speedtest with 9 threads, Bobs 1 threaded download falls to 10Mbps, Mikes speedtest shows 90Mbps.

With multi threaded speedtests, congestion is hidden a lot more.

Hence ISPs send you to www.speedtest.net as it's multi threaded and very good at covering up congestion issues.


Your ISP will try to use the multi-thread test as the standard against which they test any claim that you are not getting the download you pay for. 


Congestion in your local network could easily affect the outcome of your single-thread test depending on the architecture of your network. If you are lucky you will have a single coax or a twisted pair copper line  all to yourself. straight from your local street box. This would give you no local congestion, but the same issues as anybody else when negotiating the wider network, much of which has nothing to do with your ISP.  If you are a cable user, more likely you are sharing a coax with other users giving you local congestion on top of everything else. 


To test your speed you might also use a really fast file download site,  e.g Visual studio  Try two or three files at the same time then  add the download speed of them all to get the maximum.  ( Windows show speeds using MB rather than Mb. Just multiply the MB result by 8 to give Mb. )


When fighting this out with your ISP they always have the get out that the download speed they quote to you when you buy in to their contract is an 'up to' speed. e.g. 'Up to 200Mb'. If you look at their small print they will cite congested times of day as possible causes of slow test results. They can also suggest that your home kit might be causing problems.


The good thing is that unless you are experiencing poor service  e.g. problems with browsing, streaming, game play or downloading and up loading large files then you probably have nothing to complain about. Speed tests are not a good indicator of the service you are getting, but your daily experience as a user is.


Only yesterday I was having trouble streaming from my own cloud (Livedrive) . I rang my ISP (Virgin Media - UK) and explained that even though my speed test gave me my usual >300Mb download speed and 20Mb up speed, my videos experiencing showing slow buffering. They tested my connect right down to my modem and found that power levels were too low on some of my channels. They adjusted this and put it right.


My speedtest.net result


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I have been trying to get better comcast service( I buy 105 ) as it seems to have degraded even though I have a new computer with Win 10 Pro.  speed test i get 80 xfinity i get 120

test my net I Get 20 mps. ugh............

I just had the xfinity service call me from India to do follow up for a modem reset. I have an appt scheduled for sat. Just did another reset.  But I can see slow pages - slow outlook emails and pics.  I know its slow. I have an xfinity rented modem. I 'm on the Comcast provided modem/wireless router. ARRIS TG 862.  I own a motorola buts its docs 2.0 and the Xfinity is 3.0 (but it also has that free wireless for everyone feature.)

I understand they may have a newer modem ?  would like to try that and I will bring that up with service guy

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had Comcast Xfinity support here. I think I ended up with the right guy.  First he checked for "leaks" at each TV - then we tested off the pole and said I needed a new line and changed the junction at House.  The line was full of water from squirrel chewing.    Still had a problem.  So he ran a line to my modem from the pole direct. we had the modem outside the house.  He said the problem is before it gets to my house so that means a different crew to do line work plus the auto call from Xfinity came to me to update that the outside line repair was in process and that I didn't need to be here. 

So I have service but hopefully it will be better soon.

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