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Avatar circle suggestions

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On my computers, the top right avatar circle shows with a white gap, at least in Firefox:


User circle before.png


I had a look at the CSS code and it looks like the image needs to be vertically aligned to the bottom.  For example, when I change the '#cUserLink .ipsUserPhoto img' block to the following in my browser's debugger:


#cUserLink .ipsUserPhoto img {
	vertical-align: bottom;


The top-right bar becomes:


User circle after.png


I'm not sure if the avatar circles next to the posts are intentional.  Personally I'm fine with them, although it cuts off bits from some avatars such as TriRan's avatar.  If you wish to change them to square avatars while leaving them round everywhere else on the pages, comment out the 'border-radius:' line in the '.ipsUserPhoto_large img, ...' block as follows:


.ipsUserPhoto_large img, img.ipsUserPhoto_large, .ipsUserPhoto_large:after {
	/* border-radius:45px; */


From a quick test in the Firefox debugger, TriRan's avatar shows up as follows with all its text readable:


Square avatars.png

The avatars remain round everywhere else such as in the indexes and widget bars as this code targets just that size used next to posts.

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Hey Sean, thanks for the suggestions.  I used those blocks of code to correct that style bug in IP.Board.  Works perfectly. I had code in there to correct that same issue before, I thought it was resolved so I removed it... guess it resurfaced.


I never notice on my own account because my avatar doesn't cover the edges of the circle.  But logging into my test account just now I could see.


I'll post up on Invision's bug tracker about this too.


Thanks again!  You rock!  :headbang:

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