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Living in Rural area. Apparently different companies by areas they wish to service with high speed internet and such. All competitors are locked out. Test indicate my service is slower than 99% of the U.S. pop.! Knew it was bad, not that bad though. Modern, truly high speed internet stops 2 mikes from my address. Is there anyway to insist the market be opened to "ALL" providers? Let them compete? 

At last address, about 10 miles from present, literally at foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, on edge of the G.W. National Forest. Last stop before boonies. Had high speed net, cable t.v. and phone service, Great!.  Move closer to town in adjoining county and we're back to hope n' pray service! Go Figure. Sad.  Thanks.

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Running test the location indicated is the ISP physical facilities location not mine? I'm 45 miles away in a rural environment. ISP runs a hodge-podge service network that skips around, through various communities. Like a patch work quilt of areas.  Few customers here, skip over a town (Served by COMCAST for example), few in this area, crappy service  IMO.  Can I change the address so test reflects results for my location. 

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