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Newbie Question

Kabel D Cynic

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Greetings everyone.  First, I must say that this is a very interesting and informative site.  I'm certainly glad to have stumbled upon it.


I recently upgraded to Kabel Deutschland/Vodafone's 200/12 service.  After the upgrade my speed logs immediately showed an improvement on the upload speed.  My download speed hasn't changed at all.  I spoke with Vodafone and they stated that surprise, surprise, everything was perfect and how dare I even call.  They further lectured me that since my laptop was more than 2 years old, I could not possibly get a test reading above 100 mbps on an ethernet connection to their router. 

My newbie question is this; Could their statement possibly be true?  


Any comments are very welcome

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Well, Apple introduced gigabit Ethernet to a laptop in October 2001 with their PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) model. I don't know about PC laptops, but they surely weren't far behind. I'm not sure if the Mac and PC laptops of those years could consistently pull more than 100 Mbps down via Ethernet, but one thing I would think would be for certain: their statement about needing a less than 2-year old laptop to pull more than 100 Mbps is totally bogus. I was pulling 55 consistently on my 2011 iPad 2.


Be persistent but be polite with them. After you pester them a few more times, they'll likely help.

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I'm with @Pgoodwin1 on this one.


At the same token, testmy.net is a good tool for letting us know there are 'chinks in the chain'.


Check your in home splitters, make sure your pulling off the correct port. And that you have good, clean cables / cat5


Then I might start looking at what programs are running in the background on the machine, how much RAM is free, and what browser extensions are running, various items which might 'clog' up the system resources.


A good way to get an idea, would be to start the machine in safe mode with networking. Or better yet grab a live Debian cd / USB and start the machine this way. Run a few tests and see if there is any significant differences in results.

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Thank you both for the advice. I still haven't called them back but I have started making logs of my tests and I tweaked the router to speed things up a bit. (Set to "n" only, etc.)


My wireless speeds have usually been half or slightly less than that of an Ethernet connection which is why I was hoping I could at least get close to 200 on an Ethernet connection.  My home usage is 99% wireless 



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I get 60/5.8 on a 50/5 plan on both wireless and Ethernet. I didn't get the 60 down though until I got a new wired router that's between my wireless and the cable modem. The old router was 10/100 and wouldn't give me more than about 45 down thru the wireless and about 53 with Ethernet. With the new 10/100/1000 router, it's consistently at 60 which I'm sure is the max of the modem. So routers do matter.

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