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need option to disable automatic resizing&retesting

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I am in rural area of PH where we pay alot for data. Please provide an option to disable your automatic resize&retest (which over-rides the manual size i have selected). i understand why you do it, but for me the accuracy is not as important as the cost of data (our telecom disables our service when the small data limit is exceeded). Also, our "4G" telecom service usually allows a brief highspeed burst for the first half-second, then quickly throttles-down. So your test wrongly thinks that it needs to add a big size of data when it sees the initial 20Mbs burst, but in fact that gets throttled down to less than 5Mbs after the first second of testing, at which point the test takes "forever" since you increased the data size!!! Simple solution: Just have a checkbox that disables your automatic method, and allows us to use exactly the size we select. THANKS !

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