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Telus Optik VDSL Results


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I just switched to Telus Optik  (VDSL) 50 plan.
They Claim 50Mbps download speed

IF I go to http://beta.speedtest.net/  (Ookla) I get 60Mbps down, 11.55 Up, ad ping of 6ms!!  Great!

On  https://fast.com/  (Netflix) I get  58Mbps down!! Also pretty awesome.

Here I only get  18.8 Mbps.. Uh oh!  Using Dallas for my server site.

Am I doing something wrong, or are they traffic shaping like mad, or something else?

Also, if I use Multithreading, using these sites:

 Central US - Colorado Springs, CO, USA => co.testmy.net
 West Coast US - San Francisco, CA, USA => sf.testmy.net
 Los Angeles, CA => lax.testmy.net


I get  Download :: 36.2 Mbps 4.5 MB/s


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Not sure where you are in Canada, or what your closest TestMY server is. 


If you go go to the TestMy home page under the Extras link near top. https://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php,  you can read all the tabs about why the OOKLA test results aren't worth anything to anyone except ISPs. 


Testing on TestMy will identify problems and help you investigate the problem(s). Your test results are all over the place. 


If if you can plug directly into an Ethernet port on your modem and do tests here, you can see if your wireless router is a contributor to the issue. 


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Hi Maurice


I am also a new member to TMNTMN is quality! I asked a similar question, Ca3LE explained the long and the short of it me, which made a whole lot of sense. The link attached, I received from CA3LE in his response to me, explains the reasons etc.


Hope this helps you :)




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