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Effect of non-static ip address on test records

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Since recently removing static WAN IP address I now see only very recent "testmy" speed results from automated download testing ( set as 100 hourly test results).


Does "testmy.net" need to see a static IP address (target address)  in order to save/report test results that were obtained under different WAN IP addresses?


Many thanks for any helpful comments from longer term users.


Kind regards



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@carref43 , I've added a graph of all tests taken from you connection ID logged in or not.

I see you've just recently joined however. Make sure you are logged in while testing.


Nice, steady test results by the way :)


No testmy.net does not require a static IP to log results, however members have their own database. Since you were likely not a member since running the tests you did, therefore not logged in, the tests are not saved in your database.


There could possible be means to recover older results, @CA3LE would be the guy to discuss this with.

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