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How to successfully get your money back for fraudulent speeds.


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I am posting this as an example to show how to successfully get a credit for speeds you are not getting.  Depending on the ISP, the results could vary, however, the trick is to let them KNOW that you are not stupid, nor will you tolerate their fraudulent practices.  Here is a copy of my last chat with Comcast/Xfinity Customer Service.  I do apologize for not having the first half of the conversation, as I was disconnected on their end before I could print it.  I only ask that you use this as a reference, and not as a script, for they tend to catch on quickly:


    chat id: b75e3f6a-95a8-4c48-bac7-cfd290d497f6
    Problem: I got disconnected. PLease read notes and then apply my credit.
    Harvey > Hello JOHN_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Harvey. Please give me one moment to review your information.
    JOHN_ > My Issue: I got disconnected. PLease read notes and then apply my credit.
    Harvey > Hi, John!
    Harvey > I hope you are having a wonderful evening.
    Harvey > How much was the credit?
    JOHN_ > Two weeks at his or less speeds: http://speedtest.xfinity.com/results/J592QAT4WMFBXA3
    Harvey > Sorry we are unable to access links that is non-Comcast.
    JOHN_ > I get 50% or less speeds, I pay only 50% or less for my bill.
    JOHN_ > That IS Comcast
    Harvey > Please allow me to look into your account
    Harvey > For security reasons, may I have your full name?
    JOHN_ > It is the Xfinity Speed test, only I ddid not log in to take the test to eliminate prioritizing the results.
    JOHN_ > John ________
    Harvey > Thanks,
    Harvey > Since you are already logged in to your account, we can now skip the verification process.
    Harvey > Please give me a few minutes to check.
    JOHN_ > I have already been through the tech departments attempt to fix the issue, as you can see.. they were once again unsuccsessful. I will call the tech myself tomorrow so he can also verify that this issue is not the router/lines, ect.
    Harvey > So you expect a credit for half of your current package price, correct?
    JOHN_ > Yes. I do not pay for service I do not recieve, especially when that issue is recurring within 24-48 hours after "repair".
    Harvey > I'll do my best to be help you out here.
    Harvey > Kindly give me a couple of minutes.
    JOHN_ > This continues from m0onth to month, so I will gather the test results accordingly and keep getting discounted for every month Comcast does not live up to their end of our agreement.
    JOHN_ > Whether you do or not, is going to reflect in the survey. The issue will still be made public as long as it continues.
    Harvey > That is Comcast. How about me assisting you? Would it also reflect?
    JOHN_ > Comcast had their chance to do right by me, and they continuously fail. As long as that occurs, I will not pay for service I do not receive, period.
    JOHN_ > The survey will only reflect your service to me.
    Harvey > Well, please allow me to give you a positive customer service experience.
    JOHN_ > I will not take my frustration out on you, however, I do expect the credit.
    Harvey > I am now doing my best to fulfill you request.
    Harvey > I am now coordinating with our Support Group.
    Harvey > I understand, please give me more minutes.
    JOHN_ > Certainly, just do not disconnect.
    Harvey > Of course, I won't do that.
    JOHN_ > And I have made arragements already to have a Comcast Tech supervisor to come out and test the lines/router ect.
    JOHN_ > So that will not be necessary on your end.
    JOHN_ > I made that arrangement alst time I had this issue.
    JOHN_ > last* not aist* , I apologize for my typographical errors.
    Harvey > Oh, not that's fine.
    Harvey > *oh, that's fine.
    Harvey > Sorry my keyboard is acting up.
    JOHN_ > Mine is just old. I keep it around because I like the clickety sound it makes.
    Harvey > (smiles)
    Harvey > Your current monthly rate is $49.99 + $10.00 for modem rent = $59.99.
    Harvey > I am glad to inform you that I was able to get you the credit for $30.00.
    Harvey > I already applied it myself and it will reflect on your online account within 24-48 hours.
    JOHN_ > Thank you very much. I do appreciate you and all your fellow chat reps for trying to fix the issue, it is too bad that I know it isn't actually the equipment doing this.
    Harvey > You are most welcome. I just did my part John.
    Harvey > Glad to have you on chat this evening.
    Harvey > Also,
    Harvey > I see you have an email address on file of [email protected]. Is this still a good email to use if we have important messages concerning your Comcast account like appointment confirmation or changes to your account?
    JOHN_ > And for that, I am grateful. I know you all do not get to hear that enough, so here is me saying it. You are appreciated.
    Harvey > Thank you for the kind words.
    JOHN_ > Oh yes. I keep that email address current. I use it for research as well.
    Harvey > Yeah not everyday that we'd hear appreciation, but I'm glad I was able to this evening.
    Harvey > Thank you John.
    Harvey > Was I able to answer your inquiries and met your expectations for today?
    JOHN_ > Yes, and anytime. Also, let me just say before I go that I know how hard your job is, as my wife did that for years, and she also appreciates you.
    Harvey > Thank you so much!
    JOHN_ > Have a wonderful day/night/week. I hope that I am the hardest situation you have to deal with this week.
    Harvey > Is there anything else that I can help you with?
    Harvey > You take care my friend.
    Harvey > Have a safe night.
    JOHN_ > No, you've been great. Now get me to that survey so I can give you your great review!


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hahaha, nice. 



JOHN_ > I get 50% or less speeds, I pay only 50% or less for my bill.



Harvey > Your current monthly rate is $49.99 + $10.00 for modem rent = $59.99.
Harvey > I am glad to inform you that I was able to get you the credit for $30.00.



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