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Dif Browsers VASTLY dif speeds?


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I believe @CA3LE mentioned something about this years ago, and for some browsers the culprit is poor hard-drive performance.


Some browsers (especially when downloading large files) will attempt to save them to disk (especially if they don't know how you plan to use the result). This is usually a mostly unbuffered operation, meaning that the browser writes to disk as it downloads the data. Firefox is very likely streaming to RAM and then dumping it when complete.


I would recommend looking into disk IOPS during testing, to determine if this is the case.




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One other check - Do you use any privacy extension in Chome, such as a VPN or proxy?


Such extensions route traffic through a remote server to anonymise traffic, such as hide one's IP address.  Depending on the server congestion, this can severely limit your throughput, particularly with free privacy add-ons. 


Another reason I ask is that you recently mentioned you were getting RC4 errors in Chrome.  Have you checked the responses in that thread?

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