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Upload different from other test sites

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Read the info in the Extras tab/link - read all of of the tabs there.  Speedtest values aren't real world. They filter the data - it's what the ISPs want and show you how their making their advertised speeds - not the real thing. Fake speeds.





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The upload test can use some improvement for speeds as fast as yours.  150-200 Mbps is topping it out.  The download test is a different story.


Keep in mind that the upload result here is single thread, others out there are multithreadding the test (opening more than one stream at once).  The speed you're achieving...



shows that your connection is performing awesome, that's a good baseline to work from.  If you test later and find that it's significantly lower than your baseline it help you just the same.  Just don't expect to see 1000 Mbps out of this version.


Other upload speed tests may show you an aggregate result of multiple streams.  Example: Using TestMy.net's upload test you've shown that your connection is capable of streaming a single stream of video at 22.8 MB/s ... safe to say that you're faster than that because you're on the top of the scale.  Some people will see a much larger difference, within the current testing limitations.  TestMy.net will show < 0.25 MB/s while speedtest.net shows over 3 MB/s (just one example), the same people say that the whole reason they're testing in the first place is because they can't stream video without issues.  If they truly had the higher speed... they wouldn't have any issues.


Personally, at the end of the day I don't care about how the connection can aggregate a BUNCH of streams, I want to know how fast can it send... for real!  Without splitting the task in a way that doesn't represent how most people upload things.  ...don't get me wrong, testing the other way is important too.  Unless you're topping the scale out like you are, usually a large difference in upload speed between TestMy.net and speedtest.net is worth looking into.  We have countless reports of people saying that TMN was the only speed test reporting speeds that represented how the connection was truly performing.  All other tests show the clients speed to be right around the package speed they for. TestMy.net's purpose isn't to show you your maximum speed, whatever the consequences... I don't feel like that helps people.  ... unless those people are the Internet service providers.

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