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Slower results when logged into testmy.net


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I noticed this issue a few months ago when I first got NBN (25Mbps), and the same thing is happening now...


If I log in to testmy.net and run a download speed test, I get results of around 6Mbps or thereabouts, fairly consistently. If I log out, and run the download test 'anonymously', I get results of around 20-25Mbps.


This is 100% repeatable - I log in, and the download results show slow; I log out, and they show fast. I have run speed tests on quite a few other services, and I always get results of between 20-25 Mbps.


If, relevant I'm based in Perth, WA and TPG is my provider.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance.

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Your account has a memory of your last server selection, when you're logged out TMN also has memory of your last setting... stored differently.


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 4.34.45 AM.png


See in your results, when you're logged in you can see your username in the result.  On those results you also see a star standing for the Dallas TX locale.  The others are testing against servers in Australia.  While logged in visit the test mirrors and select au.testmy.net.


The next version of TestMy.net has mechanisms built in to remember your settings regardless of whether you're logged in or even signed up.  It will also track your IP address changes regardless of being signed up or not.  Actually, it's already doing this it's just not enabled yet so when it's enabled it will be possible to track your old IP addresses over the past few years.

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