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re: testmy.net's test parameters

Pahoo Katawah

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    Differences between Download Express and Multithread download


I've been doing many tests using the Multithread Download option over the past two days.


However, I just did a couple of tests using the Express Test (Up/Down) and expecting to see better results than the Multithread but instead they were much worse. I've looked for documentation differentiating the two tests parameters without success. Can you help?




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When you have multithread enabled the express test is also multithreaded.


Express will pick the test size for you based on the last 5 tests average.  If you haven't tested recently it has to re-learn. (in the past few days)


I don't see any non-multithread tests in your logs.


Disable multithread (click "disable" on that page) then run another download test so we can see what you're running with.

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I must be missing something. I was thinking that multi-thread translates to 'several, simultaneous streams' as opposed to one stream or several 'concurrent' or "interlaced" streams. Maybe it's because I used to have fiber, I don't know.


When multi-thread is disabled my down/up load speed is 1/2 that of the multi-stream enabled speed. I'm trying to get a handle on my network's capability of serving multiple users as well as my ISP's delivery speed and quality and right now by coincidence the number of active users is 10.  Yesterday it was 9. So I don't know.....And I don't know what I'm receiving from the ISP either.


I do appreciate any light you can shed on this!!! I was going to make you my 'go-to' site because other sites are ... well you know.


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