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testmy.net is not liking my AT&T fiber


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TMN has been my go-to speed testing site over the last 10+ years, from when I had Verizon FIOS to crappy vDSL living in the Dallas/Denton area.


I finally got 1Gbps AT&T fiber to my home installed this week, but now I'm not getting the speeds on TMN compared to the vast majority of sites.


Linear testing on all US servers is anywhere from 175Mbps to 300Mbps, abysmal compared to Ookla and ISP speed test sites, and half of what Mlabs (google internet speed test) and Fast.com reports. But if run express multithread, then TMN aligns much closer to what the majority of sites report.


I've gone as far as setting up a Linux box and just doing raw downloads from Dallas-area datacenters with wget, but even those download speeds are still reporting much higher than TMN, and closer to what I'm supposedly paying for. This problem has me vexed to the extent that I reconfigured my network to make sure that the problem isn't local.


Am I paying for Gbps service and not getting it? Routing issue to TMN? I hope to get some help figuring this out.

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First, nice multithread result!




You're getting closer to Ookla and everyone else's results when you do that type of test because that's one of the tricks they use to make your connection test out faster.


Maybe the host where you have the linux box happens to peer extremely well with AT&T.  Who do you have it hosted with?


Here's my best multithread right now, on my "Gigabit"




And linear (single thread)


So you aren't looking bad.


Keep in mind always when you test here.  This is a harder test to score well on.  I wish my own connection could score higher but until our ISPs start delivering... it is what it is.  They simply aren't delivering on promises.


You really should complain when if you're getting less than 80% of their promised package speed.  Less than 60%, they better be giving you a credit.  But they have a plan for that too... give you such a headache every time you call... you'll never want to call again.


They should just call it what it is.  Then people wouldn't be as let down when it performs the way it does.


I see on your results before you logged back in that you're getting REALLY nice upload speed!




In my opinion:  You have an insane connection, there's little to complain about.  (Especially given how hard my tests are.)  Your ISP just has it setup in a way where you have to put your connection to work with multiple threads to get your full speed.  Common issue right now.  Great, super high quality connections that I've seen perform equally well both ways.


When I first got my "gigabit" I was pulling 100 Mbps slower speeds all around.  It's improving in my area and I'm sure it will for you over time too.  These guys (the ISPs) give high end packages like this before they can truly deliver on them.  Especially since they've had other speed tests to send you to that make things look great.  ;) 

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