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TMN site settings?

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In the footer, anywhere outside of the forum, you'll see a link for "My Settings" --- maybe you've opened that before and have extra email options set.  That email option is separate, if it's enabled and the test results meet the criteria you've set AND it's the last test of an auto test cycle you'd get an email from that system and also a "auto test complete" email.


The only other way it could send a second notification is if the "Test Done" page gets refreshed.  I did notice issues with sendmail that required a restart of php-fpm.  Maybe that had something to do with the double email.  I personally haven't been able to get it to do that.  I was getting intermittent send failures.


I've enabled logging on failure and also success and will investigate further as more auto tests complete and hit the logs.


As for a setting... there isn't one.  If you're signed in the program assumes that you want to be notified when your test is complete.  A second email isn't ever supposed to happen.

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What if I don't want the email? :| like... at all? lol

Dude. CHOICES! lol


I definitely don't want double email, and I do get them, almost every-time... the system generated ones.

Funny enough I get the duplicate 5 mins exactly after the first email. Not together. (I am not refreshing the page either; PC is locked when I run all the auto test). :shrug:



Also, I did go into the footer "My Settings", it just directs me to my Forum profile settings, which I already visited prior.


Well, I guess I am not missing anything and there isn't an option.


Thanks for the info @CA3LE

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See the email results option.


Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 2.57.26 PM.png


Are you testing on a 5 minute interval?  Run another test and see if it's fixed for you.  I made a small change that may have made a difference.


Set your test to upload only, 5 cycles... then keep refreshing the page (the entire page, "force re-test" won't do it) to force it to the end quicker.

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I did see some double emails in the logs, though I'm not sure how...


I modified the process slightly to call this action at a different time.  Hopefully moving it down the chain of events clears up the possibility of that happening.


... again, not quite sure how that would happen sometimes, the programming seems pretty black and white to me.  But that's programming for you, sometimes interactions aren't always apparent... but in the end there is always logic to the reason it's happening, just might not make sense to you until later.

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