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testmynet exponentially slower than Telstra test?


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Hi I'm Laura aka Aunt Luella I'm hoping some of the more experienced members will have some suggestions for me.

I am experiencing intermittent speed drops and dropouts and I am not getting anywhere with telstra support and I want some speed test records to back me up. Seems every time you ring them the speed goes up - funny that!

ATM I am getting a huge disparity between the speeds recorded by testmynet - which hasn't recorded over 600 kbps for the last 24 hours and telstra recording around between 2.8 and 7 Mbps. The upload speeds are both similar around 500 - 600 kbps. The telstra speed test always records faster speeds and I expect this, but not the difference that is being recorded now. Can anyone suggest why this might be.  I must say that at moment Telstra's 7Mbps (cf 375 kbps on testmynet) feels like the more realistic speed with the way I am able to browse or play youtube videos. I am in Perth Australia and using the Sydney servers.


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Some issues may only affect parts of your route.  When you were getting slower speeds to au.testmy.net it may have been something that was only affecting portions of your route.  Google's servers are most likely much closer to you, thus may not have been affected.


I say "were getting" because I see that you're getting much better results since you posted.


?t=u&d=05-01-2019+%2F+06-08-2019&y=d&l=50&q=AuntLuella's Speed Test Results

June 7th... ouch.



Sorry it took me a while to approve this post, I was looking into setting up another AU server for you to test on and had a hard time finding something suitable.  Right when I'd think I found something it would be spoiled by fine print "100 Mbps..." or "250 Mbps uplink" -- I can't use that!


If you have issues like that again try testing with a different mirror, like sg.testmy.net or jp.testmy.net.  Even though they're further out testing against them may help you diagnose routing issues.  Actually, you're in southwest AU... Alkimos is about the same distance from Sydney as it is from Singapore (both about 3900 km).  --- can you please run some tests against the Singapore mirror, I'm curious what your speeds are with international routing to Singapore.  I bet they're pretty good.

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