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TMN is unusable

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What makes you think I'm sharing your data with companies?


The latest version doesn't share your information any more than the old version.


The only new privacy thing is consent management.  This is to meet EU's GDPR because TMN uses cookies.  Some cookies are used for personalized are.  But that's not new... what's new is that I'm telling you up front and giving you the option to opt out.


TMN is and will always be on your side and work with your best interest in mind.  I do not sell or disclose any personal information and am completely a 3rd party with no affiliation with any other companies.

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My friend Eric did the music for this one... great track bro.


I'm proxied into a connection in the EU (GB to be exact, where you are) for this demonstration.



Notice that as soon as you hit "choices" it deselects everything.


Only users in the EU get this notice.  In the US, I never see this.  The way it previously worked for you was how it still works for the majority of users here today, it creates the cookies and doesn't bug you.  The EU created these guidelines, I'm just one of the few sites adhering to the law... I guess.  I'd think you be used to seeing these kinds of popup's all over the place.  Don't you?  ...the EU made the rule, I'm just trying my best to be legit around the world.


TMN is still the same site you've grown to love.  And I have no plan of changing that aspect.

Cheers!  :occasion14:


By the way... notice the "privacy reminder" from Google at the beginning of that video.  This is the same thing.  And you still use Google, right?

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