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Need high upload speeds in SE Michigan


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Hello,  I live in one of the slowest internet speeds in America. I've tried everything. Are there any places one can go to upload large files - like 80 gig files? I see Ann Arbor has some of the fastest speeds in my area, Howell, MI.   I'm looking for a place that will allow you to come in with your thumb drive and upload your file. I'm limited by my ridiculous .8 mbps upload speed in my area. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, joseph

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So are you looking for a solution to backup your existing data but don't have the upload speed to do this from your own home connection?


If I'm understanding correctly, you want to go to a location, give them your files and have them upload them somewhere for you?


You have 80GB files, how many of them.  Do you already have a place you're trying to send them to?  What is the total of all of the data you need to send. 

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Hello, I create film projects and am in the editing phase. Sometimes I contract with people from around the world thus need to send the project to certain places far away so that a contractor can work on it.  Presently the 2 hour project is around 70-80 gig and i need to send it to someone overseas. With my present internet it would 3 weeks to send. 


When in editing phase I may need to send it somewhere a few weeks from now, etc.  It's an occasional  type of transaction. Thanks, joseph





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I'm calling around your area to data centers and I found one that you may want to look into.




Specifically looking at https://www.123.net/wp-content/uploads/Data-Center-Tech-Specs-DC1-WEB.pdf


• Up to 10 Gbps Speeds (99.99% SLA)
• 55+ Wireless Point of Presence (PoP) Sites Across Michigan
• 128-bit AES Encrypted Data Transport
• Primary & Backup Connectivity for Dedicated Internet & Ethernet Services
• Emergency / Short-Term Deployments
• Campus Wireless Solutions
• Temporary Fixed Wireless Solutions (Events / Construction Site)


Their HQ is in Southfield, MI.  Only about 40 miles away.  If you can't get the fixed wifi solution you may want to ask them (or other data centers near Detroit) if you could work a deal with them to upload the files for you.  You could 2 day a USB to them for really cheap and it may even get to them in 1 day.  I think $0.10 per GB is a fair price for both of you.  But they might not want to touch your files. 


Hopefully you can get that fixed wifi solution, even at a degraded speed it may be better than your other options.  Give them a call and get some details.  I'll keep looking too.


Even if you get just 5 Mbps upload it would make it more doable.  23 hours per 80GB.

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10 hours ago, jzmotown said:

They're charging $20 for about 75 gig file.


Ouch, kinda expensive.  But I guess not too bad either.


That fixed wireless provider said that they'd need to check your address. 


It looks like we have a tower but we have to check the address to make sure we can get line of sight as well as check the distance from our tower to the location


If they are able to get it to you... it's very expensive.  $299/month for 30 Mbps down, 30 Mbps up... unlimited transfer.


Depending on how many files you'll need to transfer I guess $0.27/GB doesn't sound that bad after all.

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