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Verizon 5G throttle


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Verizon admits they do. ?  Its no secret. They have what they affectionately call "priority tiers". This is speed dependent on local usage and saturation percentage.  I found this out when i purchased my 5G phone a little over a year ago and was getting shit speeds, trouble streaming videos, Facebook etc. After buying the phone on monthly pmnts, the added insurance, & accessories,i noticed the speed was quite slow. 500kbs at times. Most times that is the speed  i get at work. I called them and they were like " oh yea, you are on the tier 3 plan.. the lowest priority traffic (480p is how they describe it)  For 5g phones you need the 5G plan (1080p +)"  I was like "Ok..."  than they wanted now ANOTHER $35 a month! They NEVER explained that when they sold us our 2 phones for $1800 ?


Cant do it man. Already paying over $230 a month for 2 phones! Cant / Wont pay another $35


So for now, I just deal with my grossly overcharged "5G" cell phone that ill never see 5G on.. 

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