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Ads for another speed test confuse users of this website

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I agree and I keep blocking them but they always come back.


To be free for everyone TestMy.net needs ads. Or the support of its users. Or the support of the ISPs.


In terms of ISPs, I have one major US based ISP that just signed a 5 year contract to give all of its users ad free service here. So it is possible for providers to see the value TestMy.net provides their users. 


Would be nice if I got enough support like that to just turn ads off for everyone.


On an individual basis, you can click Donate at the bottom of this page. Donate any amount on a reoccurring basis, use the email address you have registered here and I'll flag your account for ad free service.


I'm going to go through and make a new ad block list. The problem is that the bad actors just make new domains... exact same ads, same graphics, same landing pages, same buttons. Almost always originating from Google's ad network. I have many hundreds of domains blocked, 10 more pop right up. And what shows up on your screen might not show up on mine.


So I'm with you, I want only quality ads for products and services my users want to see. The ultimate solution may be to gear the site away from ad support all together (since the ad networks obviously can't fix it). But that means I need to find support elsewhere. 

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I would post more often but not much I can post to these days.


On this I don't see any ads on the page Ralbeck does.

Between my hosts file & uBlock original they are blocked.


I have all for uBlocks filters disabled & I only use a custom Repeat of my hosts file in uBlock.


Just to note my hosts file is somewhat custom & somewhat downloaded from a host file web site.

My hosts file has 77000 lines.


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