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PHP/ HTTP Wizardry


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I'm preparing to do something, but I'm not sure what, just yet. Until the fog lifts, I'm just asking questions.

I would prefer to ask well formed questions, but I'm a long way from there. Apologies in advance.


When SpeedTest is doing the "partial Logo thing," what is it doing ? I guess the better question is , what does Speed test put on my system, and where does it put it ?

Does speedtest put any code on the Machine under test? Or just data chunks ?

And the motivation fo all of that is - does the test data ever wind up on a disk (on the system under test)


I wish I were a PHP expert, and an HTTP expert - so time consuming.... I admire those who are such experts.

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Hello rebrecs, good to see you're still visiting!


When you run a speed test it generates random information.  This information is cleared from your cache as soon as the test is complete.


Nothing is stored on your device and all data sent to testmy.net (e.g. during an upload test) is randomly generated fake information.


Actually, I recently tested the operation to ensure this is still working properly.  By watching the browser's cache folder size during the test you can see its size increase and then sharply drop off after the test completes.  Giving back all of the temporary storage used during the test.


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2 hours ago, CA3LE said:

Thank you for the welcome.  I'm going to change tactics and jump to the end goal. It is likely you will see this picture more clearly than I.

I have slept since, and can now quasi-articulate my goal. NAS devices. They all work using the "wizard-behind-the-curtain" approach.  The NAS vendors blame network latency for everything that appears to be "slowness." Possibly they are right. I don't think so. It certainly contributes, but IMO is not the end of the story. Testing, benchmarking, etc. for the purpose of evaluating products, is not a straight forward as it may seem since it contains a networking component and a NAS OS component and a disk speed component. Well guess what , so do all servers.  I immediately thought of you since have done the work to "free" the Speedtest from Server complexity as much as possible.

Can SpeedTest be invoked in such a way - to point to (measure responses from) the NAS boxes on my network?

  I'll stop there and  let you chew on that for a bit.


2 hours ago, CA3LE said:







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