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TV WebOS (LG TV) download test slow

Peter B

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My new LG TV has some occasional download issues and I am trying to locate the issue. It runs WebOS. 

I can run Ookla speedtest and get 72mbps and 18Mbps fairly constantly until the issues start to show up and then only the download slows down.


Trying TestMy and the results are always only 5 or 6 Mbps on download. Upload is 16Mbps all the time. Cannot get a better download test result.


Never seen this issue on a device before.


Anyone any ideas?


Many thanks





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Are you using Wi-Fi with your television? 


Honestly TV's have a sub-par network interface to begin with. Short of hard-wired ( lan cable) there is little that can be done about network consistency on a tv, primarily because they were not designed to do daily networking tasks... other than periodic updates and small software/firmware updates.  Recently I watched a vid, which I found interesting that I'll share.




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I have the TV connected to both cable and Wifi so can just unplug the cable to make it auto switch or disable via settings.

I have tested the cable on a laptop and it performs well every time and also the wifi. Both connection mediums always have good quality connection with other devices and as I say Speedtest.net works fine on the TV until it starts to slow down.


I like TestMy as its possible to run timed testing.

If it cannot be made to run on the TV its not a real issue as I have the other tests that do run.



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