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Add Location/Identifier information to My Results table/export

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I've run tests for multiple locations (Bedroom, Location 03, etc.) using the auto feature (every 15 minutes for 100 times). If I choose "All Identifier" in the My Results There is no column that shows which locations the individual tests are associated with. Nor do I see this information in the exported CSV file. It would be helpful if I could export all the locations in one file that I could filter by the locations when I analysis the data.


Currently the only way I can see to get the locations is to to chose each location in turn in the "Identifier" tab at the top of the My Results table. Then I need to export that location and rename  the exported CSV file before moving onto the next location.



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If you export all it shows the identifier, it's just hard to understand right now.


examples from exported csv

Fri Nov 17 2023 @ 2:34:06 pm,UP,37.6 MB,46.9,BDBaer,322903284682,merit_network,60-27---east_lansing-mi-us,OzsHxkMm6
Fri Nov 17 2023 @ 4:35:15 am,UP,18.8 MB,36.34,BDBaer,322913467067,merit_network,60-26---okemos-mi-us,V6ypcp5Gy
Thu Nov 16 2023 @ 9:11:49 am,UP,37.3 MB,35.26,BDBaer,32280867746,merit_network,60-28---williamston-mi-us,_APwZLe8H
Wed Nov 15 2023 @ 10:55:51 pm,UP,100 MB,286.2,BDBaer,19916357074867,metronet,60-7---east_lansing-mi-us,KbqnYJk5s


You see the 60-26, 60-27, 60-28, etc? 


It's very confusing, I'm sorry.  In the beginning I promised my users I'd maintain their old results.  It's a remnant of me trying to work with small fields in the legacy database.  It's so large that altering its structure is very difficult so I've had to do tricks in the past to add more data using the same limited fields. 


It stores the test location and your location in the same field, using a dash as a separator.


e.g. 60 is Dallas, 26 is Location 1.  This is resolved for you when you query your results on TestMy.net.


Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 10.33.10 AM.jpg


I'll add resolution of the locations in the export process for you soon.  


I also have a new program called My Projects in the beta.  With this you can give your locations your own name, which then is easily identifiable within your exported results.


If you'd like to try the beta let me know and I'll give you early access.

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