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A good Cable Modem makes a world of Difference


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hmm good post "Hctim". 

Iv been realy debating on buying a new modem since mines being a lil weird. Its beginning to loose network connection and / or have very slow speeds at times. Then when i power cycle it it seems to work just fine.. Well i dont want to have to reboot my modem every day :lol:  So mabey ill look into the new modem afteraol. ;)

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I'm going router and modem shopping tomorrow. Getting Linksys. Just had my Adelphia Premiere installation set up for Saturday afternoon. This wireless connection has been holding pretty strong at over 3 down and around 700 up, but I want a taste of the SIX!  :twisted:

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i have the linksys modem and router, i also play alot of online gaming through my ps2, do you think maybe the linksys router may be the problem why im gettin alot of lag??? if so what would be a good brand to go with, i still get great speeds through my computer though, dont know if it would give good connection to pc but not to the ps2.... if a new router is in need what would be a good one for under 100 dollars. dont really want to spend more than that because i doubt it will make a huge difference... thanx alot

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