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AMD 939 3500+ computer


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Well it is done... except for the fact that the maxtor hard drive was DOA... P.O.S. That is what you get when dont order Western Digial... :lol::roll: Actually I have never had a problem with maxtor i guess this one is a quality control issue... Either way hard drive should be in tomorrow... Benchmarks up tomorrow around 7 to 8 pm central time

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Ok a little update... with the second MAXTOR hard drive it was still a no go... Something with the motherboard and the sata hard drive would not allow us to detect it... off to bestbuy to get a western digital... and presto chango we have a computer... Since we just got it finished tonight it is going to be atleast 2 day to get the benchmarks... and pics... Sorry guys but it will be worth the wait.. I promise it is a beautiful machine!

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OK i have numbers and pics... This is my blue baby...

Final specs:

Asus A8V Deluxe (dont buy this)

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 939

Western Digital 160gb hard drive

Saphire 9800 pro 128mb

Sony DVDRW+/-

Sony dvdrom (dont ask)

Cosair 1024mb dual channel kit(2x512)

This computer scored 19507 on 3dmark 2001se not to bad...




BTW I didnt design this computer... it was designed by 2 people who have no idea what is going on... Hince why we had to send back the processor, the 754 3200+, and upgrade to the 939 so that it would fit in the motherboard... The hard drive was a P.O.S and I would never buy a Maxtor ever again! The motherboard was a disappointment... I would expect more from Asus... It just wasnt up to par with what i am use to... The maunal sucked and they got rid of the toll free tech support... I dont know if that would have solved any of my problems... Well there you have it.. We are still suffering heat problems but we will see what happens...

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We are working on it as we speak... So far I have replaced the heatsink fan.... It was a pos... I am going to replace the case fans next... The damn thing is running at about 65*C during prime 95... And that is after the new fan... It was running low 70's before..

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Be glad you didnt!! this thing is a money pit... I have had nothing but trouble so fat... I have replaced the heat sink fan, one of the exaust fan, the thermal compound and rewired it twice... We finally have it running normally but I will tell you what, this was the most frustrating build I have ever had! :cry::lol:

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The ends justify the means ~~ I had problems myself... my cpu was running cool at 105*F (40*C) idle --- but my system temp was running way hot at 124*F (50*C) - I got a new one, but I had to pick it up at another store which was 40 miles away because the other store was out of stock. Got it back and put 'er all back together and the system temp was running at 105*F (40*C) -- pretty good ~ but I still put another fan inside the case pointing at the board and now the system temp is down to 98*F (37*C) -- CPU is idle at 104* now also ---

now I am happy with my temps ~~ time to overclock and screw it all up ;-)

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