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Anyone else using Office Outlook 2003 having problems reading their e-mail??????


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i think it might just be problem with outlook 2003

i have gmail set up with it and every now and then it wont receive mail but it will send it, and sometimes vice versa

(this problem didnt happen when i used Mozilla Thunderbird)

the only workaround i found for this was to wait a couple mins (idk, like 20 mins or something)

then it just starts working again...its weird

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my apologies for the tech not calling you back.

i suggest rechecking the settings in outlook and then calling the tech suport and having them look at it on their end. or if possible try using another email clinet like Thunderbird just to see if its an outlook problem as to isolate it.

the ore you know before you call the tech the less work for us as well as less headache and less time on the phone for you.  not that i mind i love taking calls and take as much time as needed to help out you guys.

but thats just me

all i can suggest is try that and then if it still doesnt work call VZ and have them look into it on their end but have as much knowledge as you can about your problem before you call (i.e. Email Cleint your using, Settings of the client user pass pop3 and smtp server settings also try it in Outlook Express the one that comes with windows XP to see if its a problem with office outlook.)

just my suggestions sorry if im rambling im at work and its slow. feel free to post anything in here if that dont work. and ill help you personally as much as i can, again sorry for the tech not calling you back when he said he would.


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