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Should I rent or buy a modem.

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i would rather buy a modem its cheap anyways  :D

i have linksys modem and linksys router 

check linksys products here http://www.linksys.com/products/

this is the modem i have http://www.linksys.com/products/product.asp?grid=34&scid=29&prid=592  never had problems with it.

and for connection it should be connected through your cable line to modem,  not satelite line to modem

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I need to clarify my question on sharing the lines in my house.

I was wondering if the cable internet conection comming in to the house can share the same lines in the house as the satelite tv or if the cable line needs to be isolated to the cable modem only

(not sharing the same line with the tv signal)

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Depends on the monthly rental. You can usually pay for one yourself with about 1 - 2 yrs rental. But if you rent there is never any finger pointing if there is a problem. You might get a better unit than you provider supplies but if you rent and better equipment becomes available most providers will upgrade for free or for shipping.

Someone mentioned cable sharing. Your provider will most likely install a cable splitter just outside of the box leading into your home. This will insure you get a good strong signal to your modem. If you can insure that you aren't 3/4 splits down from the incoming line you should be fine. I have been sharing my modem with a TV in my office for a couple of years and its has been working fine.

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I got hooked up friday morning and the modem they installed is an Ambit. anybody had one of these.

My speed seems to be down the best i have seen is 3.2 MB usually around 2MB.

I have done everything in the post to increase the speed and it does not seem to help.

I have also tested with firewall on & off seems to make no diffrence.

Any info or help would be apreciated.

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