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good monitor for the price?


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i was thinking about getting this sony monitor  http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/SY_DisplayProductInformation-Start?ProductSKU=SDMHS95P%2fB&Dept=computers&CategoryName=cpu_Displays_FlatPanelLCDs_18%22  anyone have this monitor i saw it at best buy and it looks realy nice and its cost $599.00 i was wondering if there are any other better monittors for around that price

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What exactly do you use you computer for mostly? If you do any gaming or graphic editing, that monitor would not be a good choice. Most LCD monitors (no matter the brand or latest model) don't perform very well at all. You should always go with a CRT monitor. If space is a factor...do what you need to.

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Nice monitor.  Nice response time too

I personally have a ViewSonic VP171b - 17" LCD with 8ms response time --- awesome for games.. and 17" suits my needs just fine.


Make sure you use DVI with your new LCD, most LCD monitors don't have very good analog to digital converters... if your picky like me you really need to go DVI.  Allot of the good LCD deals out there don't have DVI, so buyer beware... just make sure the monitor you get has the output (you may have to buy a new video card that has DVI also) `~~~  It makes a world of difference.

I still keep the other cable handy for people that bring their computer over for me to fix, 'cause most people don't have DVI out.  Good thing ViewSonic hooked it up with both cables :)

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thanks for the resonses. I do plan on getting a video card with DVI and the monitor also comes with a DVI cable and HD15 as well. They dont have that monitor on newegg.com thogh. It is a very nice monitor you should go down to best buy or something and take a  look at it, i looked at a lot of monitors at fry and best buy and this was one of the best ones for the money. The colors are awesome and unlike some of the otehr LCD screens the galre was barely their.  aslo will LCD last as long as a CRT?

Q: How long do LCD monitors last?

A: The most common thing to go in LCD's is the backlight. You should be able to get a good 3-5 years without any dimming. I think 60,000 hours of use would be right around the life of a normal LCD monitor.  You can get the backlight replaced, but it's not really worth it because by the time yours will go out there will be much better monitors for cheaper than the cost of repair.

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