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I have DWAY... Now what do I do?


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I just got hooked up last Thursday (May 12), I need some more help, I can't activate my account!

I called the help number, man, y'all weren't lying about costumer service service suckin'! But anyway.

I got an e-mail account but I can't access my main account, I talked with someone thru e-mail that said there servers were messed up right now and to try again in a day or two. It's been five days now! Is this normal?

One other question, how do I get my e-mail to come to Outlook? What do I put the settings in Outlook on?

I would put up one of those speed test things but, I don't know how to do that either. It's a hell of a lot quicker than dial-up!!!

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For Outlook, open the tools menu, click on E-Mail Accounts... select the Add a new e-mail account, click next, select POP3, click next, type your name and e-mail address in the first two boxes, for incoming server, type pop3.DirecWay.com, for outgoing type smtp.DirecWay.com, for username, it should fill in the box automatically, type in your password, click next, finish, and you're done!

As for the customer service... that's just the way they are... it'll work eventually

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That's what I was looking for.

This is BETTER than customer service!!


There servers are normaly down, which means they dont care and dont want to talk with you..... I get the same crap when my service gets bad... OH WE ARE HAVING TECHNICAL PROBLEMS!

Oh, like I never heard that one before today! LMAO

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