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new trogen horse that only gets in thrue IE

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Both peepnklown and CRE8OR make excellent well thought out points.  And I myself as a matter of personal opinion and experience have no browser allegiance to either the IE or Firefox bandwagons. I think the complexity of using an exploit plus cryptographic techniques was brilliant and I am quite sure you will see this sort of technique in net worms and botnets in the very near future.  I'd guess over this next year since I've seen the idea talked about for a while now but only a few have tried this and even less in public eye until now.  The dumb part was the implementation of how the dummy sent a ransom note with his/her email to be tracked back but neat try... :haha:

            The truth is I haven't seen any browser or software that doesn't have a security hole found or could be found or created if someone wanted too.  As is pointed out by both the posters I previously mention the exploit game relies heavily on the sheer number of people using the software the more people using some software the more likely that you can find a vulnerable system and thus many more victims than is the case with software not as common place.  Many Linux and Mac OS and or less popular operating systems often advocate the use of their OS and it's software is more secure and their arguments that they have security MS is evil and they never see security holes/exploits or worms is quite ignorant and idiotic in my opinion and hopefully anyone who takes an unbiased look around for some truth.  Popular software will always be the 1st and biggest target period.  But don't think Linux or other distros or even Firefox is immune or a really hardened target this takes programming and user diligence to stay on top of exploits.  I see Linux, Samba, Debian, and other less commonly used OS and software getting new Proof of Concept (PoC) and run of the mill security holes all the time they are neither immune nor without flaw.  If you want some links for such things just ask.  If anything the Open Source software would actually be more ripe for the sploiting than proprietary software by it's nature because if you can see the code it's much easier to find potential holes in it or situtations the author(s) might never had made a contingency for them yet.  And don't get me wrong I support open source and full disclosure of security exploits and issues.  On the good side and a great benefit of Open Source software is the community who has the sources can then work on patches and help development and further improve the software like a hive of bees building a stronger nest and will many more bees than say a small proprietary software company with limited resources and people to fix or check for potential problems.  Also much the same could be said for distributed computing to solve a password for really strong encryption vs a single brute force hacker.  :violent1:  Well you get the point.  Anyway before FireFox fans get to comfortable in their towers of babel (pun intended lol  ;):haha: ) take a look at the link below and realize that this one guy is probably why FireFox is on  v1.0.4 and not on v1.0.3 or earlier at the moment  :-P:evil6:  And for those whom might want to flame me about bashing FF, well I really am not, in fact I'm using FireFox right now... :lol::whaa:

Here is the link to many exploits for which the writer has collected the bounty awards for finding 5 confirmed holes in FireFox so far.  :shock:  It's a good thing he is on the nice side of hacking and not silently exploiting people in the underground en mass ROFLMAO  :haha: :haha: :twisted:

Here is link already before I ramble :tongue: any more, chew on this for a while: 


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