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SP-2........Is It Worth It??


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I installed SP2 soon after it came out and have had no problems with it. It adds a few features such as the Windows Security Center, which lets you know if your firewall and virus checker are on and up to date.

Also, if you plan on downloading future XP patches, you will have to have SP2 installed first.

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Guest helloimtim

Yea I would say get it. My suggestion would be this. Order the cd from microsoft. It wont cost you a penny. Took about 5 days to get mine. That way if you ever need to reload xp you have sp2. It also gives you a better and quicker install. Just my 2 cents.......

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Yeah I learned a lot from http://www.blackviper.com/ but his site is under construction right now, Hope he gets it up and running soon because he is very informative about WinXP and what services to turn off for all different configurations. ;)

Try this too...........


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well, sp3 should be coming out next year i believe, because i read that they will release sp3 sometime before the release of longhorn to make sure people dont lose interest in xp.

what are you talking about i already don't like xp much......lol oh well at least it works......but yeah i will most likely stick with it for a while after sp3 too.

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About 3/4 of the machines at my work have XP, & i will admit that it is more stable than 2K, especially in the BSOD/crash department; W2k still suffers from various pagefile/kernel stack error bugs especially when running multiple drives using NTFS...i will definitly check out some of those XP tweak sites you guys posted  :D

Reality is: soon my old fav 2k will fade into the unsupported bargain-bin at Radio Shack.. :(


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